Algeria southern Mediterranean country, gateway to Africa and the center of the Maghreb, With an area of 2,381,741 km2, a population of 41.3 million inhabitants in 2017 is a natural growth rate of 2.9 % and an active population of 24.3% of young people. Algeria has a high GDP per capita in North Africa (USD 14 687.39 in purchasing power parity). Its capital Algiers, the most populous city of the country located in the north, on the Mediterranean coast, the first economic and commercial pole of Algeria and the most important financial pole of the country.

Algeria shares a total of more than 6,385 km of land borders such as Tunisia in the north-east, and Morocco in the west, which are strategic borders for import and export.

The Algerian government has established initiatives aimed at developing the Textile and Leather sectors, which are essential elements for the development of the Algerian economy.