• The overall forest area in Algeria is 4,200,000 ha, ie an afforestation rate of 11% for the north of Algeria and nearly 2% for the whole of the national territory.
• Algeria is the third producer in the world in the production of cork and supplies several European countries, between 4 and 7 million euros in terms of cork is exported annually.
• The annual import near of 530 million dollars in sawn, sliced or unrolled lumber not counting other materials in this area.
• The launch of a program of more than 1 million housing units in 2020-2024, a project that opens up broad prospects in the field of wood industry and the manufacture of high-quality furniture.
• The imposition of a 60% tax on the import of furnitures items for the enhancement of the national product.
• The abolition of Law 51/49, allowing the investment of foreign companies in Algeria.
• The strong demand in this field in a country of more than 43 million inhabitants.