Why exhibit

Enjoy a major and unique event in Algeria thanks to its nomenclature and the specialty of the sectors of activity of participants who have always been presented at Algeria WOODTECH.

Algeria WOODTECH represents a perfect opportunity to increase your productivity, boost your sales and your turnover. This exclusive event in Algeria is a high value-added business show through which you will be able to develop your market and your distribution network.
Conclude important partnership relationships or commercial contracts, and find new customers and service providers in your industry. In addition, WOODTECH allows you to meet and exchange between exhibitors and visitors from different countries during the 4 days of event.
Combine the image of your company with a large-scale show and benefit from a very important marketing and media plan before, during and after the show.

Its strategic position: North African with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and the center of the Maghreb.
Its Area: 2381741 km2 hence the availability of large investment area, plus a young and active workforce.
A potential market: A very strong demand for consumption, 41.3 million consumers.
Labor costs are much cheaper than in Europe, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as energy costs at very profitable prices!
Investment facilitation and encouragement by the government: many exemptions on customs duties and VAT, interest rate subsidies...